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Partners Supporting Shannon's Hope

The Unseen Child Foundation

The Unseen Child Foundation financially supports safe houses, mentoring programs and other services that would otherwise close due to funding. The mission of the Unseen Child Foundation is to stop the cycle of abuse and raise awareness of all forms of child abuse. The Foundation works to stop the cycle of abuse and make the world a safe place for today's unseen, unborn child who can't speak up for themselves. 

Time after time, unborn children are subjected to child abuse even before being born!  The unborn child endures abuse by mothers using drugs and alcohol while pregnant, by physical abuse of their mother by her boyfriends or spouse in order to cause a miscarriage, by homeless pregnant mothers not receiving proper prenatal care, and by pregnant mothers starving due to their circumstances.

The babies that survive all this abuse up to their birth are then exposed to the same horrifying circumstances that their mothers endured while pregnant.

Through the support of the Unseen Child Foundation,  Shannon's Hope Maternity Home continues to provide a safe place for pregnant mothers and their children to call home.

For more information about the Unseen Child Foundation, view their website at http://www.unseenchild.com.

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