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             □ $50 provides 1 healthy evening meal for all our mothers and children.

             □ $100 provides transportation costs for each mother for one month. 

                  This helps them get to and from medical appointments, childcare, employment, and                                      educational classes.

             □ $250 provides a safe haven for a mother and her child(ren) for one month.

             □ Other--All amounts are welcome and will be utilized with great efficiency!

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All donations are welcome to be mailed by check or money order.

Shannon's Hope Maternity Home
P.O. Box 1477
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034


We have set up a secure online giving process through PayPal.  A Paypal account is NOT required.

If you would like to make an online financial contribution, click here.

Shannon's Hope is committed to the highest level of efficiency with any amount given. 

Shannon's Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.   All gifts over $5.00 will be provided a gift receipt.

Donors Bill of Rights

Additional Ways to Support Shannon's Hope

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Giving Clubs

Honor and Memorial Donations


Corporate Matching Gifts

Stock Gifts

Legacy Planned Giving


Giving Clubs

GIVING CLUB donors make a significant financial impact for Shannon's Hope through the provision of regular, predictable contributions.   Becoming a member is convenient and flexible.  There are three Giving Club levels.  Click to LEARN MORE!

Honor and Memorial Donations

Make an honorary gift to celebrate someone special or give to remember a loved one through a memorial gift to Shannon's Hope.

Please make a note of the name of the individual(s) you wish to honor/remember and, if applicable, include a name and mailing address for us to send a gift notification. The amount of your gift will not be included.


Shannon's Hope regularly needs the following items:

           Diapers & Wipes - we can use every size of diaper as we house children of all ages

Fresh Food - through our nutrition program, we teach each resident how to eat healthy and balanced

Grocery Store Gift Cards - to purchase fresh fruit and produce.

Women's Clothing - some residents enter our home with just the clothes that they are wearing. Currently styled clothing are preferred for our young women.

Toiletries - we can use everything from shampoo to toilet paper

Baby Supplies - as each mother prepares for their coming child, we help them build their layette

Please contact the office for instructions of where to deliver the donated items. 303-480-5433

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many companies have a matching gift program; you give an amount, they donate the same. All you have to do is ask. Here’s how you can double or triple the impact of your donation to Shannon's Hope. Just follow the three easy steps…

  1. Check with your HR Department to confirm if your company matches employee donations

  2. Make your donation directly to Shannon's Hope

  3. Submit the matching request to your company--Once received, your company will send its matching donation directly to Shannon's Hope. Your gift will help twice (or even three times) as many families!

Stock Gifts

Giving stock is a great way to help Shannon's Hope efforts to continue in our mission to provide a loving, life-affirming home to pregnant women.

A gift of publicly traded stock that has increased in value that has been owned for more than one year may provide greater tax benefits than giving cash. Your charitable income tax deduction is equal to the fair market value of the stock. Plus you avoid paying the capital gains tax on any increase in the current value over the original cost of the stock. You may also save by not incurring brokerage fees because you are transferring ownership rather than selling the stock.

Legacy Planned Giving

There are several ways in which you can name Shannon's Hope as a beneficiary to receive a future donation, most of which offer considerable tax benefits. Estates both large and small can benefit from planned giving and make a significant impact on the future of Shannon's Hope.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Life Insurance Policy*

Retirement Account

IRA Account

Bequest (will or living trust)

Please consult with your professional tax advisor to determine if an estate gift is right for you. Your advisors can help you explore the possibilities and identify ways to maximize the financial and tax benefits of an estate gift.

*Life Insurance Policy note – If you choose to name Shannon's Hope as a primary beneficiary while you retain ownership of the policy, this will not qualify for an income tax deduction.